DHaleTek Antennas


DHaleTek Antennas

DHaleTek Antennas is a local Antenna Manufacturing company located North of Gawler South Australia with a great range of both hand made HF Wire Antennas, VHF and UHF Antennas and Baluns.

Purchasing and Payment

Please email your Order to us, & we will quote the total amount plus GST to pay through Paypal. We charge 2.5% +0.30c on the total amount to cover Paypal's transaction Fees. By clicking Pay Now you will be redirected to the PayPal website where you will be given a choice to log in with your PayPal account details, or pay directly using your credit card. You do not need to be a PayPal member in order to make payment using PayPal.

Postage and Freight

Most items are posted via Australia Post unless too big or long to do so, and then the item will be freighted.

Australia Post Costs
Express Post Bag <500g weight - $10.00
Express Post Bag <3Kg weight - $15.00
Express Post Bag <5Kg weight - TBA

Freight Costs
Please email for a quote

So if you are interested in a hand built antenna, feel free to email me at or via the Contact Page.